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Module Specifications..

Current Academic Year 2023 - 2024

Please note that this information is subject to change.

Module Title Research Skills for Practice
Module Code NS5013
School 38
Module Co-ordinatorSemester 1: Eileen Courtney
Semester 2: Eileen Courtney
Autumn: Eileen Courtney
Module TeachersEileen Courtney
NFQ level 9 Credit Rating 10
Pre-requisite None
Co-requisite None
Compatibles None
Incompatibles None

This module is concerned with the skills required to conduct research and the theoretical underpinnings of different research approaches. It will advance knowledge and skills in the area of research in order to promote confidence and competence in undertaking a Masters level research study.

Learning Outcomes

1. Critique the principal research designs and their theoretical underpinnings.
2. Analyse and synthesise research literature
3. Debate ethical concerns in research.
4. Identify researchable questions from practice.
5. Plan and conduct a research interview

Workload Full-time hours per semester
Type Hours Description
Lecture27No Description
Online activity12No Description
Directed learning50No Description
Independent Study161No Description
Total Workload: 250

All module information is indicative and subject to change. For further information,students are advised to refer to the University's Marks and Standards and Programme Specific Regulations at: http://www.dcu.ie/registry/examinations/index.shtml

Indicative Content and Learning Activities

Research paradigms and associated designs
Exploration of the philosophical and theoretical underpinnings of the major research approaches and designs.

Key ethical issues in conducting research

Analysing and synthesising research literature
How to critique and report research literature. How to develop a research question.

Quantitative Research Skills
Survey designs and questionnaire development. Managing, analysing and reporting quantitative data.

Qualitative Research Skills
Research interviews and their transcription. Collecting, analysing and reporting qualitative data.

Assessment Breakdown
Continuous Assessment100% Examination Weight0%
Course Work Breakdown
TypeDescription% of totalAssessment Date
Completion of online activityOnline Activities (first 2 @ 2% each; last 3 online activities @ 4% each)16%n/a
EssayLiterature Review18%n/a
EssayResearch Proposal - first draft26%n/a
EssayResearch Proposal - final submission40%n/a
Reassessment Requirement Type
Resit arrangements are explained by the following categories;
1 = A resit is available for all components of the module
2 = No resit is available for 100% continuous assessment module
3 = No resit is available for the continuous assessment component
This module is category 1
Indicative Reading List

  • Andersen, R.: 2008, Modern Methods for Robust Regression, Sage, Los Angeles,
  • Andres, L.: 2012, Designing and Doing Survey Research, Sage, London,
  • Bell, J.: 2010, Doing Your Research Project: A Guide for First-Time Researchers in Education,, 5th. Edition, McGraw-Hill Open University Press, Maidenhead,
  • Birks, M.: 2011, Grounded Theory: A Practical Guide., Sage, Los Angeles,
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  • Hox, J.: 2010, Multilevel Analysis: Techniques and Applications., 2nd. Edition, Routledge. New York.,
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  • Saris, W.: 2007, Design, Evaluation, and Analysis of Questionnaires for Survey Research., Wiley & Son, Hoboken, NJ,
  • Silverman, D.: 2006, Interpreting Qualitative Data: Methods for Analyzing Talk, Text, and Interaction., 3rd. Edition., Sage. Thousand Oaks, CA.,
  • Silverman, D.: 2010, Doing Qualitative Research: A Practical Handbook., 3rd. Edition., Sage. London.,
  • Silverman, D.: 2011, Interpreting Qualitative Data: A Guide to the Principles of Qualitative Research., 4th. Edition., Sage. Los Angeles.,
  • Treiman, D.: 2009, Quantitative Data Analysis: Doing Social Research to Test Ideas., Jossey-Bass. San Francisco.,
  • Yin, R.: 2012, Application of Case Study Research., 3rd., Sage. Thousand Oaks, CA.,
  • Willis, J.: 2007, Foundations of Qualitative Research: Interpretive and Critical Approaches., Sage. Thousand Oaks, CA.,
  • Wood, M. Kerr, J.: 2011, Basic Steps in Planning Nursing Research: From Question to Proposal., 7th., Jones and Bartlett Sudbury, MA.,
Other Resources

Programme or List of Programmes
GDCAHPGrad Dip Child & Adol. Health Care Prac
GDCANPGrad. Dip. Child & Adol. Nurs. Practice
GDGHPGrad Dip in General Health Care Practice
GDGNPGrad Dip in General Nursing Practice
GDIDHPGrad Dip Intell. Dis. Health Care Prac.
GDIDNPGrad Dip in Int. Dis. Nurs. Practice
GDMHNPGrad Dip in Mental Health Nurs. Prac.
GDMHPGrad Dip in Mental Health Care Prac.
MCAHPMSc Child & Adolescent Health Care Pract
MCANPMSc Child & Adolescent Nursing Practice
MDHPMSc in Dementia Health Care Practice
MDNPMSc in Dementia Nursing Practice
MGHPMasters in General Health Care Practice
MGNPMSc in General Nursing Practice
MIDHPMSc Intell. Dis. Health Care Practice
MIDNPMSc in Int. Dis. Nurs. Practice
MMHNPMasters in Mental Health Nursing Practic
MMHPMSc in Mental Health Care Practice
Date of Last Revision17-SEP-08

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