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Module Specifications

Archived Version 2003 - 2004

Module Title Mechanics of Machines 1
Module Code MM203
School School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Online Module Resources

Module Co-ordinatorDr Paul YoungOffice NumberS374
Level 2 Credit Rating 5
Pre-requisite MM101, MM102
Co-requisite None
Module Aims
7 To build on Applied Mechanics 2 and enable students to apply Kinetic and Kinematic principles to machine elements and systems 7 To introduce methods for synthesis of linkage for design applications in mechanisms and robotics

Learning Outcomes
Having successfully completed this module the student will: 7 Be familiar with kinematics and kinetics of common machine components 7 Be able to evaluate the behaviour of a machine system 7 Be able to determine power transmission requirements 7 Evaluate the 2 and 3 -dimensional mobility of mechanisms 7 Design linkages for function generation and plane guidance 7 Use inflection circles and cubics of stationary curvature to design linkages

Indicative Time Allowances
Lectures 24
Tutorials 6
Laboratories 12
Seminars 0
Independent Learning Time 33

Total 75
Assume that a 5 credit module load represents approximately 75 hours' work, which includes all teaching, in-course assignments, laboratory work or other specialised training and an estimated private learning time associated with the module.

Indicative Syllabus
¿ Plane Kinetics & Kinematics of rigid bodies ¿ Forces in mechanisms, velocity and acceleration of rigid links and blocks, graphical method ¿ Flywheel: fluctuations of speed and energy ¿ Balancing of rotating masses: static balance, dynamic balance ¿ Power transmission: simple gear trains (velocity ratios), clutches, bearings, belt drives, brakes ¿ Gyroscopic motion
Continuous Assessment20% Examination Weight80%
Indicative Reading List
7 Ryder, G.H. and Bennett, M.D., Mechanics of Machines 2nd eds, Macmillian, 1990. 7 Merriam J.L, Kraige L.G., Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics, 4th Ed, Wiley, 1998 7 Hannah, J. R.C. Stephens, Mechanics of Machines, 4th Ed., 1984, E. Arnold. 7 Grosjean J. Kinematics and Dynamics of Mechanisms, McGraw-Hill, 1991
Programme or List of Programmes
CAMBEng C.A. Mechanical & Manufacturing Eng
MEB.Eng. in Mechatronic Engineering
MEDMB.Eng. in Medical Mechanical Engineering