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Module Specifications

Archived Version 2009 - 2010

Module Title Contemporary Irish Society
Module Code LC303
School SALIS

Online Module Resources

Level 3 Credit Rating 5
Pre-requisite None
Co-requisite None
Module Aims
  • To describe the social, economic and political features of modern Irish society.
  • To highlight the controversial issues surrounding recent changes in Irish society.
  • To provide a familiarity with the topical issues, political traditions and social attitudes of modern Ireland.

Learning Outcomes
  • To enable the students to research information about an aspect of Irish society.
  • To stimulate students' interest in and critical appraisal of recent developments in Irish society.
  • To familiarise the students with oral presentation techniques

Indicative Time Allowances
Lectures 0
Tutorials 0
Laboratories 0
Seminars 0
Independent Learning Time 75

Total 75
Assume that a 5 credit module load represents approximately 75 hours' work, which includes all teaching, in-course assignments, laboratory work or other specialised training and an estimated private learning time associated with the module.

Indicative Syllabus
''''''''Introduction to Irish Society: some background information regarding demography, political structures, education, the media, industry and agriculture and urban life.With guidance from the lecturer, the students will then proceed in groups to compile information about certain themes of modern Irish society which will include: The environment, the Irish language, emigration, the position of women in Ireland, the Irish press, travellers, Ireland and the EEC, tourism, Dublin and urban development, the Irish family, political parties, Northern Ireland, the Church in Ireland, trade unions, rural life, education.They will present their findings - which can include pre-recorded interviews, slides, overheads, handouts, video material, power point  - in oral form to the tutorial group and invite discussion about what they have presented.''''''''
Continuous Assessment100% Examination Weight0%
Indicative Reading List
Government information services, Irish Independent, Government Publications, Sunday Tribune, Irish Times, Fortnight ESRI publications, Additional reading and suggested sources of information will be provided for each group of students investigating a particular topic.
Programme or List of Programmes
BSSAStudy Abroad (DCU Business School)
BSSAOStudy Abroad (DCU Business School)
EBTBA in European Business (Trans.Studies)
ECSAStudy Abroad (Engineering & Computing)
ECSAOStudy Abroad (Engineering & Computing)
ENGLICBA Languages for Int. Communication(Eng)
HMSAStudy Abroad (Humanities & Soc Science)
HMSAOStudy Abroad (Humanities & Soc Science)
IFCLCEInt Foundation Cert (LIC with English)
SHSAStudy Abroad (Science & Health)
SHSAOStudy Abroad (Science & Health)