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Module Specifications

Archived Version 2007 - 2008

Module Title Mechanics of Machines 2
Module Code MM306
School School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Online Module Resources

Module Co-ordinatorDr Paul YoungOffice NumberS374
Level 3 Credit Rating 5
Pre-requisite None
Co-requisite None
Module Aims
7 To build on Mechanics of Machines 1 7 Dynamics (vibration) of mechanical systems in free, forced and damped modes 7 Multi-degree of freedom systems - modal analysis 7 Simulation of mechanical systems and components for vibration 7 Measurement of properties of dynamic systems 7 Basic control theory and control of mechanical systems

Learning Outcomes
Having successfully completed this module the student will: 1. Be familiar with flexure of components and the behaviour of spring-mass-damper systems. 2. Be able to evaluate the behaviour of a vibrating system and design elastic mounting systems. 3. Be able to simulate dynamic mechanical systems using direct and FE methods. 4. Understand the basic principles of control of mechanical systems and extraction parameters for use in block diagrams

Indicative Time Allowances
Lectures 24
Tutorials 6
Laboratories 12
Seminars 0
Independent Learning Time 33

Total 75
Assume that a 5 credit module load represents approximately 75 hours' work, which includes all teaching, in-course assignments, laboratory work or other specialised training and an estimated private learning time associated with the module.

Indicative Syllabus
¿ Damped and forced vibrations, natural frequency for single DOF systems. ¿ Viscous Damping, Coulomb Damping, Hysteretic Damping ¿ Two degree of freedom systems, modes of vibration ¿ Simulation and modal analysis of mechanical vibrations ¿ Concept of control, representation of control components, steady state operations time & frequency response analysis. ¿ Block Diagrams - Representation of mechanical components
Continuous Assessment20% Examination Weight80%
Indicative Reading List
1. Beards CF., Engineering Vibration Analysis with Application to Control Systems, Arnold, 1995 2. Thompson, W., Theory of Vibration with Applications, Prentice Hall, 1984 3. Grosjean J., Kinematics and Dynamics of Mechanisms, McGraw-Hill, 1991
Programme or List of Programmes
BSSAStudy Abroad (DCU Business School)
BSSAOStudy Abroad (DCU Business School)
CAMB.Eng. Mechanical & Manufacturing Eng
ECSAStudy Abroad (Engineering & Computing)
ECSAOStudy Abroad (Engineering & Computing)
HMSAStudy Abroad (Humanities & Soc Science)
HMSAOStudy Abroad (Humanities & Soc Science)
MEDMB.Eng. in Medical Mechanical Engineering
SHSAStudy Abroad (Science & Health)
SHSAOStudy Abroad (Science & Health)