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Academic Structures

Programme Academic Structure for 2023 - 2024, Bachelor of Religious Education &History

This information is provisional & subject to change.

Year 1 Core Modules:

CodeTitleCreditSemesterExam %CA %Resit Category
ED1300Teaching Studies - Foundational A5Semester 101001
ED1301Teaching Studies - Foundational B5Year long01001
ED1302Psychology and Human Development5Semester 201001
ED1303Introduction to Religious Education5Semester 201001
ED1950Professional Preparation and Practice 15Year long01002
HY110The 20th Century World since 19185Semester 201001
HY111Making of Modern Ireland, 1850 – 19985Semester 101001
HY119Uses and Abuses of History5Semester 201001
TP101History of Christianity5Semester 101001
TP102Intro. to the Jewish and Christian Scriptures5Semester 201001
TP106Theology: Sources, Themes, Debates5Semester 101001
TP110Fnds.s: Philosophical/Theological Ethics5Semester 201001

Year 2 Core Modules:

CodeTitleCreditSemesterExam %CA %Resit Category
ED2300Teaching Studies Intermediate5Semester 101001
ED2301Curriculum and Assessment5Year long01001
ED2302Learning and Teaching RE5Year long01001
ED2950Professional Preparation and Practice 210Year long01002
HY211Renaissance, Reform. & Religious Wars5Semester 101001
HY214The Age of Protestant Ascendancy5Semester 201001
HY223Conversion to Colony: Ireland 400-12005Semester 101001
HY235A History of Northern Ireland5Semester 260401
TP202Liturgy, Ritual and Worship5Semester 201001
TP210Philosophy: An Historical Introduction5Semester 101001

Year 2 Optional Modules -

CodeTitleCreditSemesterExam %CA %Resit Category
ED2EEErasmus20Autumn Semester01002
TP204Justice and Peace5Semester 101001
TP205Science and Religion5Semester 201001
TP206The Letters of Paul5Semester 201001
TP212Christology,Systematic,Hist.& Interreligious5Semester 201001
TP238Judaism and Islam: An Introduction5Semester 101001

Year 3 Core Modules:

CodeTitleCreditSemesterExam %CA %Resit Category
ED3300Teaching Studies - Advanced5Semester 101001
ED3301Education Theory - Advanced5Semester 201001
ED3302RE: Theories and Approaches5Year long01001
ED3950Professional Preparation and Practice 315Year long01002
HY325Modern Europe, 1848-19455Semester 260401
HY349Empires in History5Semester 101001
HY350The Cold War in Context5Semester 201001
TP307World Religions/World Views5Semester 201001

Year 3 Optional Modules -

CodeTitleCreditSemesterExam %CA %Resit Category
TP306Relationships, Sexuality and Marriage5Year long01001
TP309The God Question and the Problem of Evil5Year long01001
TP310Religion: Theoretical Approaches5Semester 201001
TP322Theological Anthropology5Semester 101001
TP324Eastern and Western Christianity in Dialogue5Semester 201001

Year 4 Core Modules:

CodeTitleCreditSemesterExam %CA %Resit Category
ED4300Sociology of Education5Year long01001
ED4301RE: Integration Seminars5Semester 101001
ED4950Professional Preparation and Practice 430Year long01002
HY401Russia, America and Israel in the C205Semester 101001
HY404Advanced History5Semester 101001

Year 4 Optional Modules -

CodeTitleCreditSemesterExam %CA %Resit Category
AB101Social Media, Wellbeing & Society0Semester 201001
TP400Topics in European Philosophy5Semester 101001
TP401Bioethics: Philosophical and Theological Pers5Semester 101001
TP402Ecumenism5Semester 101001
TP403The Gospels: Critical Themes and Issues5Semester 101001
TP405Research Paper in Religious Studies5Semester 101001
UM405Uaneen Non-Contributing Module5Year long01001

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