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Academic Structures

Programme Academic Structure for 2023 - 2024, BA in Applied Language & Translation Stu

This information is provisional & subject to change.

Year 1 Core Modules:

CodeTitleCreditSemesterExam %CA %Resit Category
LC112Introduction to Translation Studies5Semester 201001
LC150Introduction to the Study of Language 15Semester 101001

Year 1 Optional Modules -

CodeTitleCreditSemesterExam %CA %Resit Category
FR130French Language 3 (Intermediate)10Year long01001
FR142Introduction to Translation Practice (French)10Semester 201001
FR190French Society and Literature5Semester 101001
GE107German Language 1 (Beginners)10Semester 101001
GE108German Language 2(Beginners)10Semester 201001
GE130German Language 3(Intermediate)10Year long01001
GE1410Introduction to Translation Practice (German)10Semester 201001
GE190German Society and Literature (Intermediate)5Semester 101001
GE191German Culture and Society (Beginners)5Semester 201001
JA191Japanese Culture and Society5Semester 201001
JA193Japanese Language 110Semester 101001
JA194Japanese Language 210Semester 201001
LC3000MultilingualismYear long01002
SP107Spanish Language 1 (Beginners)10Semester 101001
SP108Spanish Language 2(Beginners)10Semester 201001
SP130Spanish Language 3 (Intermediate)10Year long01001
SP1410Introduction to Translation Practice(Spanish)10Semester 201001
SP190Spanish Society and Literature (Intermediate)5Year long01001
SP191Spanish Culture and Society (Beginners)5Semester 201001
ZH107Chinese Language 1 (Beginners)10Semester 101001
ZH108Chinese Language 2 (Beginners)10Semester 201001
ZH191Chinese Culture and Society5Semester 201001

Year 2 Core Modules:

CodeTitleCreditSemesterExam %CA %Resit Category
LC204Introduction to Terminology10Semester 101001
LC212Introduction to Text Analysis5Semester 101001
LC214Compuer Aided Translation5Semester 201001

Year 2 Optional Modules -

CodeTitleCreditSemesterExam %CA %Resit Category
FR208French Translation Practice5Semester 201001
FR290French Literature and Film5Semester 101001
FR294French Language and Culture 210Year long01001
GE208German Translation Practice5Semester 201001
GE290German Literature and Film5Semester 101001
GE297German Language and Culture 210Year long01001
GE298German Language & Culture 1 Ex-Beginner10Year long01001
JA208Japanese Translation Practice5Semester 101001
JA290Japanese Literature and Film5Semester 201001
JA293Japanese Language 310Year long01001
SP208Spanish Translation Practice5Semester 201001
SP290Spanish Literature and Film5Semester 101001
SP297Spanish Language & Culture 2 Ex Intermediate10Year long01001
SP298Spanish Language and Culture 1 (Ex Beginners)10Year long01001
ZH208Chinese Translation Practice5Semester 101001
ZH290Chinese Literature and Film5Semester 201001
ZH292Chinese Language 310Year long01001

Year 3 Core Modules:

CodeTitleCreditSemesterExam %CA %Resit Category
LC410Theoretical Approaches to Translation5Semester 101001
LC4120Translation Multimedia5Semester 101001
LC445Dissertation - Translation10Year long01001

Year 3 Optional Modules -

CodeTitleCreditSemesterExam %CA %Resit Category
FR304French Literature and Society5Semester 101001
FR376French Language Skills (Higher Intermediate)10Year long01001
FR379French Language and Contemporary Society10Year long01001
FR401French Economic Translation5Semester 190101
FR402Specialised Translation: Technical (French)5Semester 290101
GE376German Language Skills (Higher Intermediate)10Year long01001
GE379German Language and Contemporary Society10Year long01001
GE401Specialised Translation: Economic (German)5Semester 190101
GE402German Scientific / Technical Translation5Semester 290101
GE426German Literature and Society5Semester 101001
JA376Japanese Language Skills(Higher Intermediate)10Year long01001
JA379Japanese Language and Contemporary Society10Year long01001
JA401Japanese Economic Translation5Semester 101001
JA402Japanese Scientific/Technical Translation5Semester 201001
JA421Perspectives on Japanese Culture5Semester 101001
LC345English Skills for Professional Life5Semester 101001
LC421The Lang of Bus & the Media across Cultures5Semester 201001
LC425Community Interpreting Theory and Practice5Semester 201001
LC478Sexualities, Languages and Societies5Semester 201001
SP376Spanish Language Skills (Higher Intermediate)10Year long01001
SP379Spanish Language and Contemporary Society10Year long01001
SP401Spanish Economic Translation5Semester 190101
SP402Spanish Scientific / Technical Translation5Semester 290101
SP427Spanish Literature and Society5Semester 101001
UM404Uaneen - Contributing Module5Year long01001
UM405Uaneen Non-Contributing Module5Year long01001
ZH376Chinese Language Skills(Higher Intermediate)10Year long01001
ZH379Chinese Language and Contemporary Society10Year long01001
ZH401Chinese Economic Translation5Semester 101001
ZH402Chinese Scientific/Technical Translation5Semester 201001
ZH421Perspectives on Chinese Culture5Semester 101001

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