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Academic Structures

Programme Academic Structure for 2023 - 2024, BSc in Digital Business and Innovation

This information is provisional & subject to change.

Year 1 Core Modules:

CodeTitleCreditSemesterExam %CA %Resit Category
AC118Introductory Accounting for Business7.5Year long01001
EF115Fundamentals of Economics7.5Year long01001
MT120Business Analytics 15Year long01001
SB102Critical Thinking for Business5Year long01001
SB104Life10Year long01001
SB105Digital Business Eco-system10Semester 101001
SB106Digital Business Tools10Semester 201001
SB107Transform Yourself - Self-awareness5Semester 201001

Year 1 Optional Modules -

CodeTitleCreditSemesterExam %CA %Resit Category
GE3005German Language & Culture 5 (B1.1)5Semester 201002
LC3000MultilingualismYear long01002
SP3001Spanish Language and Culture 1 (A1.1)5Semester 201002
SP3007Spanish Language and Culture 7 (B1+)5Semester 201002

Year 2 Core Modules:

CodeTitleCreditSemesterExam %CA %Resit Category
MG329Digital Marketing5Semester 201001
MT224AApplied Business Analytics10Year long01001
MT229Project Management for Digital Business5Semester 101001
SB201The Innovators Toolkit5Semester 201001
SB202Critical Thinking in Action5Year long01001
SB203Digital Business Models10Semester 101001
SB204Digital Lab10Semester 201001
SB205Failure5Semester 101001
SB206Transform yourself - Personal agility5Year long01001

Year 3 Core Modules:

CodeTitleCreditSemesterExam %CA %Resit Category
SB307Intra Reflection15Autumn Semester01002
SB308Intra Work Placement45Autumn Semester01002

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