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Academic Structures

Programme Academic Structure for 2023 - 2024, BA in Global Business (France)

This information is provisional & subject to change.

Year 1 Core Modules:

CodeTitleCreditSemesterExam %CA %Resit Category
AC116Financial Accounting for Decision Making5Semester 280201
EF113Introduction to Microeconomics5Year long01001
EF114Introduction to Macroeconomics5Semester 201001
EF216APrinciples of Finance 15Semester 270301
HR101APsychology in Organisations5Semester 101001
MG101Introduction to Marketing5Semester 260401
MT119The Global Business Environment5Semester 101001
MT120Business Analytics 15Year long01001
SB102Critical Thinking for Business5Year long01001
SB104Life10Year long01001

Year 1 Optional Modules -

CodeTitleCreditSemesterExam %CA %Resit Category
EN103English Language Skills:Globalisation5Semester 201001
EN104Debating Skills5Semester 101001
FR130French Language 3 (Intermediate)10Year long01001
FR140French Language 4 (Intermediate)5Semester 201001
FR190French Society and Literature5Semester 101001
GE103Intermediate German Language Skills 15Semester 101001
GE104Intermediate German Language Skills 25Semester 201001
LC120Intercultural Communicative Competence I5Semester 101001
LG112Introduction To Modern Ireland5Semester 201001
PS130Modern Technology5Semester 201001
SP103Intermediate Spanish Language Skills 15Semester 101001
SP104Intermediate Spanish Language Skills 25Semester 201001

Year 2 Core Modules:

CodeTitleCreditSemesterExam %CA %Resit Category
AC115Management Accounting for Decision Making5Semester 180201
EF217Principles of Finance 25Semester 180201
MG208Marketing Research and Customer Exp in Action5Semester 101001
MT213Intra10Semester 201002
MT225Analytics for Business 210Year long01001

Year 2 Optional Modules -

CodeTitleCreditSemesterExam %CA %Resit Category
EF302Macroeconomic Policy5Semester 190101
FR295French Language and Business 110Semester 101001
FR299French Language and Business 210Semester 201001
GE213Intermediate German Language Skills 35Semester 101001
LC208The Making of Contemporary Europe5Semester 101001
SP213Intermediate Spanish Language Skills 35Semester 101001

Year 3 Optional Modules -

CodeTitleCreditSemesterExam %CA %Resit Category
EF307Financial Markets5Semester 190101
EF321Development Economics5Semester 101001
EN104ADebating Skills5Semester 101001
GE213AIntermediate German Language Skills 35Semester 101001
HR308People Management5Semester 175251
LC103Introduction to Contemporary Irish Society5Semester 101001
MT201Operations Management5Semester 101001
MT310Intra30Semester 201002
MT311Year Abroad (EB)60Autumn Semester01002
MT341Digital Disruption & Sustainable Innovation5Semester 101001
SP213AIntermediate Spanish Language Skills 35Semester 101001

Year 4 Optional Modules -

CodeTitleCreditSemesterExam %CA %Resit Category
CA259Data Analytics for Marketing Applications5Semester 260401
EF303Economic Estimation and Inference5Semester 160401
EF305International Finance5Semester 175251
EF306Financial Theory5Semester 170301
EF308Econometrics and Forecasting5Semester 201001
EF309Risk Management5Semester 250501
EF310International Economics5Semester 260401
EF317New Enterprise Development Project10Year long01001
EF336Intermediate Microeconomics 15Semester 160401
EF338Innovation Economics5Semester 250501
EF499Level Three Coursework0Year long01002
FR498French Language, Business and Society10Year long01001
GE214Intermediate German Language Skills 45Semester 201001
HR301Organisational Psychology5Semester 201001
HR302Talent Management5Semester 101001
HR306Employee Relations Procedures5Semester 150501
HR310Cross-cultural Management5Semester 201001
LG307Employment Law5Semester 150501
LG318European Union Law5Semester 180201
LG358Advanced European Union Law5Semester 280201
LG364Intellectual Property & Information Tech Law5Semester 201001
MG341Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategy10Year long01001
MG342Marketing Communications10Year long01001
MG499Business Project10Year long01001
MT301Business Strategy10Year long01001
MT307Supply Chain Management5Semester 101001
MT313International Service Management5Semester 101001
MT314Project Management5Semester 201001
MT338Business Processes & Lean Thinking5Semester 201001
MT410Year Abroad (EB Level 4)60Autumn Semester01002
MT412Professional Business Analytics Portfolio10Year long01001
MT413Data Mining and Predictive Analytics5Semester 101001
MT414Workflow and Data Management5Semester 201001
MT430Ethics for Business and Technology5Semester 201001
SP214Intermediate Spanish Language Skills 45Semester 201001
UM405Uaneen Non-Contributing Module5Year long01001

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