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Academic Structures

Programme Academic Structure for 2023 - 2024, Masters in Psychotherapy

This information is provisional & subject to change.

Part-time Programme Structure

Year 1 Core Modules:

CodeTitleCreditSemesterExam %CA %Resit Category
NS5025Humanistic Approaches:Theory & Practice5Semester 101001
NS572Psychodynamic Approaches Theory & Practice5Semester 201001
NS582Integrative Psychotherapy5Semester 201001
NS584Cognitive & Behavioural Approaches5Semester 101001
NS589Professional Practice Portfolio 110Year long01001

Year 2 Core Modules:

CodeTitleCreditSemesterExam %CA %Resit Category
NS5017Working with Adult Intimate Relationships5Semester 201001
NS5018Psychotherapy and Mental Health5Semester 101001
NS5031Professional Practice Portfolio 210Year long01001
NS585Systemic Approaches:Theory& Practice5Semester 101001

Year 2 Optional Modules,

CodeTitleCreditSemesterExam %CA %Resit Category
NS5078Psychotherapy Research Inquiry5Semester 201001
NS587Research Inquiry5Semester 201001

Year 3 Core Modules:

CodeTitleCreditSemesterExam %CA %Resit Category
NS5032Research Approaches5Year long01001
NS5033Professional Practice Portfolio 310Year long01001
NS5036Psychosexual Integrative Practice5Semester 101001

Year 4 Core Modules:

CodeTitleCreditSemesterExam %CA %Resit Category
NS5034Professional Practice Portfolio 410Year long01001
NS5035Research Dissertation30Year long01001

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