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Academic Structures

Programme Academic Structure for 2023 - 2024, Professional Diploma in SIE

This information is provisional & subject to change.

Modular Programme Structure

Year C Optional Modules;

CodeTitleCreditSemesterResit Category
SI605Inclusion for Pupils with SEN5Semester 11
SI605AInclusion for Pupils with SEN5Semester 21
SI606Understanding Autism5Semester 11
SI606AUnderstanding Autism5Semester 21
SI606BUnderstanding Autism5Autumn Semester1
SI607Dyslexia5Semester 11
SI607ADyslexia5Semester 21
SI607BDyslexia5Autumn Semester1
SI608Mild General Learning Disabilities5Semester 11
SI608AMild General Learning Disabilities5Semester 21
SI608BMild General Learning Disabilities5Autumn Semester1
SI609Understanding Behaviour as Communication5Semester 11
SI609AUnderstanding Behaviour as Communication5Semester 21
SI609BUnderstanding Behaviour as Communication5Autumn Semester1
SI711Dissertation10Autumn Semester2

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